Celebrate the thirty second teachers’ Day

In September 10th, eye specialists were examining the eyes of an old teacher.The

September 9th, the arrival of the thirty-second teachers’ day, the city of East Sea commended the city’s 402 outstanding teachers and educators from the grassroots.

to obtain the title of "excellent teacher" peace zone in the first secondary school teacher Guo Huachun, surrounded by his children in the recess, the harvest glory behind the warmth.

news (reporter Zhang Xiaoying, Wei Shuang) in September, the autumn wind, sent bursts of fresh; in September the campus, filled with a warm and moving atmosphere. In the thirty-second teachers’ day, around the province closely around the "glory in three feet of the podium, the theme of" Four Haves "to become a teacher to carry out various forms of celebration on the expression of the majority of teachers teaching, hard to pay gratitude.

"children eager to learn the eyes, parents look forward to the look of education, teachers quietly dedication figure in my mind lingering. Since then, it seems that I can not do without education, I need a lifetime of energy to pursue education fair……" September 8th morning, the Provincial Department of Education held a forum to celebrate the teachers’ day, to the province’s 75 thousand schools at all levels to express sincere greetings. At the forum, Xining City, seven teachers Zhu Yongcai, Tu Autonomous County Songduo Tibetan Township Center School Teacher Li Qinghua, Madoi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Huashixia town center school teacher Yan Jinrong Tibetan sent 3 teachers on behalf of the province’s three generations of teachers made a speech. Everyone in his speech, recalled his own teaching way to express the feelings of the hot education students make painstaking efforts. The touching story of the 3 teachers won applause. At the forum, the Provincial Department of education for rural schools from 30 years of teaching, the teacher issued a certificate of honor for 20 years.

9 9, Xining City North District Education Bureau held in Qilian Road Primary School Teacher’s Day recognition ceremony. "Teacher, you have worked hard!" In the city the kids in the kindergarten and tidy tender blessing, the celebration kicked off. A number of outstanding teachers for the development of the cause of education in the north of the city, advanced education workers, support for the education of advanced individuals were commended. At the same time, the West District in the light of the primary school teachers and educators in the region, to send greetings to the festival. 54 primary school teacher Li Na said excitedly: "the party and the government’s care for teachers, let us feel very warm, in the future work we will work harder to cultivate talents for the motherland. ;

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