How to boom the used car market in Dazhou

economic development of people’s spending power has improved, many people in the life of a car owners, especially in the market is also a lot of second-hand car development space. In order to promote the city’s second-hand car trading convenience, convenient to establish the second-hand car trading platform, launched to meet the standards for the transfer of second-hand car, to support the conditions of the second-hand car market registration service station to simplify the registration procedures, increase the second-hand car trading second-hand car trading financial credit support, support and guide the second-hand car trading business online and offline the integration of development, promote the second-hand car trading market construction and other specific measures.

used car can be cross regional circulation within the validity period

according to reports, the "plan" a total of 8, involving the circulation of second-hand cars, second-hand car trading platform, information sharing, credit system, transaction tax policy, financial support, service model innovation, market construction etc..

pointed out that the "implementation plan", to ensure compliance with emission standards for the free circulation of second-hand car, in accord with the national emissions and safety standards for motor vehicles, in the periodic inspection of environmental protection cities inside and outside the second-hand car and a period of validity inspection within the validity period can be cross regional circulation, handle the transfer formalities, shall not exceed the limits of second-hand car and transferred to turn out. The state requires the elimination of yellow cars and old cars shall not cross regional circulation.

at the same time, to facilitate the second-hand vehicle transaction registration, encourage and support the conditions of the second-hand car market to set up second-hand vehicle registration service station, the relevant functional departments (units) to integrate and optimize the service process, to carry out a one-stop services to simplify the second-hand car trading registration procedures, shall not increase the limit for illegal conditions, convenient for people to apply for transfer of registration, vehicle tax, insurance, loans and other formalities.

of transactions in the city’s remote second-hand car is not convenient, back to the vehicle administration registration inspection of the vehicle, the vehicle management unit in our city according to the provisions of the inspection of vehicles, the examination record seal to the owner of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle to the registered vehicle management file will extract the vehicle inspection record form registered vehicle management, for roll out procedures according to the provisions.

gradually built second-hand car information sharing platform

"implementation plan" requirements, the gradual establishment of second-hand car circulation information platform. The integration of existing resources, strengthen interoperability and information sharing, the national and provincial second-hand car circulation information platform establishment and relevant departments of the city information docking, covering production, sales, registration, inspection, maintenance, maintenance, insurance, scrap automobile life cycle two hand car circulation information system, non confidential, non privacy information should be open to the public, easy to search and use.

to strengthen the main body of the second-hand car market credit system. According to the two recommended acquisition

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