Central 72 cadres to the countryside for private things

February 27th, reporters from the city district cadres to the countryside to carry out one about three promoting activities mobilization meeting was informed that this year the area from the district departments, town (street) deployed a total of 72 cadres of the village, 12 of whom were deployed cadres in the province in 2013. The focus of the campaign to preach the party’s eighteen, the spirit of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the central, provincial Party Committee document No. 1, the party’s mass line educational practice and the meaning of the meaning and a series of strong farmers benefit farmers policy.

meeting requirements, to carry out a talk three promotion activities, and to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice combined. Combined with the village’s practice, by focusing on learning, lectures and other forms of the door, let the village cadres and the masses to further comprehensive understanding of educational practice, feedback and comments are authentic. To solve the current difficulties and problems in rural areas. Establish a sound long-term mechanism of village "two committees", bent down for people to do things, good things. To strengthen the grass-roots party building work together. Do a good job of Party members’ education and management, and enhance the ability of the majority of Party members to promote rural development and serve the masses of farmers. To maintain stability against the split work together. Vigorously promote the ethnic and religious policies of the party and national support for the development of the Tibetan Huimin policy, and constantly improve the consciousness of the broad masses of peasants to distinguish between right and wrong, the maintenance of stability, build a strong ideological foundation.

at the same time, the requirements of rural cadres in line with the mass line of educational practice, and actively improve the work style, solid and effective work to do a good job preaching, and remember the diary". Urban areas will be timely to preach the work of cadres to the countryside, the violation of the regulations, causing serious adverse effects of cadres.


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