Open new mode of village affairs in Xining

Xining City District efforts to explore the way of open village affairs, the development of the introduction of the "urban village open implementation plan" to create "sunshine village".

In the

scheme, the region of the village committee will establish village affairs in accordance with the law, public archives, real public, pragmatic, good supervision and accurate principle, by post, conference, open bar, blackboard, text notification, WeChat mobile phone platform, the "sunshine agriculture websit" network platform and other forms, 13 of government matters involving the interests of villagers, public affairs, public finance public disclosure according to the provisions of the program. Disclosure is generally dominated by the village that year, including the village, the village of village affairs decision-making procedures, for the results, the financial revenue and expenditure, the utilities collection, land contracting, leasing, compensation payments, social assistance, family planning, poverty alleviation funds and state subsidies villagers payment of funds management, at least quarterly disclosure 1 second, matters of major matters and the villagers require the disclosure of timely publication, and make a record.


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