Do not be too rigid shop

now the market is changing, at any time there may be an accident, a lot of people do business or static, very rigid. The ancients said: "the wise", has become a hero, because they can change according to the development trend of things to seize the opportunity to determine their own way. Do business is the same, "requires a flexible strategy and tactics, not too rigid, to a person, because it can be in an invincible position.

a few days ago, I accompany my wife to a store, encountered such a situation: a customer to a box of Taishan (BAXI) 18 yuan, but the customer didn’t lighter, with the shopkeeper said: "the way to send a lighter." The shopkeeper slowly swallowed said: "as long as a box of cigarettes, can not give ah". The customer left without saying anything. But I see the customer is happy to come away disappointed. The author’s wife bought a pile of goods, the total price is 73 yuan, while his wife Tao Qian said: "$70". "No, I don’t have much money, I don’t have a minute."." The shopkeeper turned down his wife.

through these two things, I think, the owner of the business is too rigid, and in the middle of the exchange with the customer is more stiff, do not leave room for customers. You know, small shops and supermarkets are not the same, the price is not fixed, it is necessary to be flexible, so that your business will be more live. Of course, in which verbal communication with the customer must properly, we must speak appropriately, to intercede, with emotion, emotion, in truth, the only way to win Business Flourishes!

for any shopkeeper, certainly want to know how to do business. In short, how to do a good job, is a more complex learning activities. Each business people each one according to his lights, each of the methods. Therefore, to do business, there is no fixed way to follow, only flexible, flexible, only to be able to occupy a place in the brutal competition in the business, to be able to step by step to success.

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