Join mom Xiang take food what are the advantages of

leader in the field of snacks – mother country food. In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also deeply loved by consumers. How about joining mom and dad? Good project, good choice, trustworthy!

the Chongqing snacks to join the project materials rich, nutritious, fresh meat, poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, fresh or dry mushrooms ruguo. Mother took a pinch of vegetables to take a risk, it can be eaten, food nutrients do not lose. Mother country food can not only eat fresh and delicious food, but also drink nutritious soup, really delicious, more nutritious, more healthy.

mom Xiang to take food for laid-off workers, veterans, business students, migrant workers and other groups, all the funds in 1 to 50 thousand yuan, with the entrepreneurial passion, hardworking, self-motivated and have strong trouble, people are really firm and indomitable perseverance can take to open stores with the Chongqing snacks to join! The project adopts a unified brand, unified logo, uniform taste and technical standards, unified distribution, unified publicity and other procedures, enhance the image of unity, make your store no longer fight a lone battle make you more assured,


1, less investment investment in 10-50 square meters at stores generally only 1-5 million, which for a sum of money to own business when the boss who could easily raise the pressure.

2, quick shop in the downtown area, proper management, reasonable price.

3, easy operation does not require profound culture, professional knowledge and skills of cooking, operation is standardized, process oriented, modular.

4, no seasonal, no geographical differences throughout the year can do delicious dishes, low prices, can take all things in the north and south.

5, open in the downtown area, a steady flow of passengers, to bring you a rolling source.

6, unified brand, operating without worry unified business name, unified store, unified technology, unified logistics, unified service, what do not let you worry about, so you worry free.

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