Why do the good business investment bumper cool

why investment bumper cool? You may see the head of doubt, not on the problem itself is curious, but what is bumper cool. Such a funny name, I heard a cool, You’ll see. this is an ice cream brand to join, so well: why good investment bumper cool? See the following details:


after the company Tongren hard work and many franchisees, bumper cool has formed its own market can stand the test of the successful business model in the product, management, marketing, R & D, decoration, design, training and service, has established more than and 700 chain store bumper cool in 28 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, has for the development of headquarters in Shenyang, respectively the radiation of the management and distribution in Shenyang, Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding, Ji’nan, Zhengzhou six distribution center. Then join the bumper cool, okay? What are the advantages of the brand


why join bumper cool? The main reasons are as follows: seven

1, the successful management mode to ensure the lowest operating risk

after ten years of exploration and practice, the company established a market bumper cool location, interior design, product development, store management, staff training, store marketing practices and a series of standards.

join directly enjoy brand awareness in China, using the successful business model, brand has brought both consumers and the company as a back-up support, who joined the business risk to the lowest.

2, professional product development and production technology

Cooperative R & D institutions of international ice cream type

company with the United States, the United States owned company tastemaker Kaihui company, Shanghai glory company and other professional, so that product development is always in the forefront of the development, the annual product update rate reached more than 20%.

Procurement of raw materials for

terminal products has always been in cooperation with Malaysia listed company – BMW.

nearly twenty thousand square meters of production base, equipment used in Denmark haye continuous ice cream freezer, quality control personnel are all highly skilled professional food, so that food quality has reached the international HACCP quality system certification authority standard.

3, unified procurement and distribution system

unified procurement, reducing the operating costs of franchisees, to a greater extent to improve the profit margins. By the headquarters and Zhengzhou professional distribution system, unified distribution for the store, not only to ensure the timeliness of goods, but also reduces the cost and loss of distribution.


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