A fish fish all Hot pot join advantage

recommend a lot of fish Hot pot brand, each brand has its own specialty food, today is still a brand of fish – fish a fish Hot pot Hot pot project.

100 years ago, Yamashiro Hito is good at cooking preferences, often gather to drink, which to fish and eat hot, spicy fish became "". Guangxu emperor parade, I taste the delicious fish, obsession, namely fish duct painstaking research and practice, finally improve the food delicious, emperor, give the name of fish.

descendants inherit the ancestors essence, adhering to innovative ideas, the Chinese cooking art and the perfect combination to create a Hot pot, known as the "famous" fish "a fish Hot pot", y embodies the rich flavor and delicious fish. Then there is the brand, then a fish fish Hot pot what are the advantages of joining


a fish fish Hot pot join advantage:

fish fish Hot pot brand:


1, independent production, independent research and development of leading edge technology

2, the company by virtue of years of accumulated rich experience in industry market and the market’s keen insight and understanding, for cooperation to provide pre-sales consulting, sales training, customer service business guidance tracking service mode, become partners the most awesome backup force.

3, excellent management team, perfect the training service system, since the founding of the company in strict accordance with the laws of the market to carry out the work and team operation can accomplish the system perfect, technology, marketing, logistics, business services and other departments clear division of labor, tacit cooperation, provide a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the franchisee. Perfect the training service is always put in the priority among priorities of the company, the company in recent years to continue to research and summarize, has formed a set of different regions and different partners and training service system, truly embodies the tailor-made service concept.

fish fish Hot pot join advantage


1, a fish Hot pot fashion, health, nutrition, delicious, do not get angry!

2, Wang pan pagoda business tool, a multilayer, a layer of fish Hot pot, enjoy delicious


3, rinse, hot, braised, grilled, steamed, five taste one, a variety of various combinations of all-match, eat


4, secret sauce, taste the taste of evil, fish protection! Hot pot brother let you go!

5, a fish Hot pot, is fast! 2 minutes to drink soup! 3 minutes rinse Hot pot.

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