The location of business is not necessarily prosperous

now has a lot of shops in our traditional concept is worthy of the name of the shop, however, such a shop business will be very prosperous? I don’t think so. I once met in Xi’an in an open cigarette and liquor vendor in the fall, although the store, also seems to be desolate, one is the order quantity model shop.

In a conversation with the owner of

, the author found that the success is not accidental: first, although the shop in the lane, but is near the large enterprise office building and residential area, which has laid the foundation of huge consumption; secondly, because retail pack less, but there are more energy to take care of the owner the bulk of business, to build more extensive business ; in addition, we can think of, the rent is cheaper than half lane street, reduce the high operating costs, but also to the owner to leave more profit and profit space.

is used to analyze the concept of the number of passengers, although this shop because the number of visitors relocation reduced temporarily, but the customer price is in the operation can be greatly improved, reducing the cost of sales are steadily enhance the owner in the management of the effort to get more value in return. This example is worthy of those who are too busy to make money but not the owner to ponder.

similarly, some places seem not suitable for shop management, but if good customer, to win more customers, even if the business shop in such a place, can also become a flourishing shop stores. Therefore, the business is not necessarily prosperous business, not the business is not necessarily Wang shop will be poor.

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