The University’s vision of giving up a good salary for home business do aquaculture business netwo

if you are a master’s degree in Tsinghua, with hundreds of thousands of annual salary, you will give up the opportunity to go back to the countryside to do farming business? The hero of this article is to do this. A piece of wood eggs sold 3 dollars, the mountains of mutton to Beijing, farm open to the phone, this surprising entrepreneurial performance is actually a guy in Henan, Yexian County do. And he left Beijing to return to the original intention of rural entrepreneurship is to enable everyone to eat the original ecological agricultural products, led the villagers to get rich.

golden grass, fresh green rape, colorful pheasant in the woods to jump up, the cow moos, lamb basking in the warm winter sun, goose leisurely swim in the pond…… In Yexian County Xia Li Xiang You Fang tou Cun, Jing Qi "indicated a farm indicated as a" pure natural animal health, animal are enjoying the gift of nature here.

12 month 17 days, came to the farm, "a farm owner indicated indicated" Jing Qi is with online communication to the customer delivery problem. It is surprising that this wearing glasses, gentle middle-aged man is a veritable school tyrants, but also was a central executive. What is the reason for him to give up his salary, returned home to the ravine sheep chickens? With questions, we walked into the farm.

Tsinghua master giving up a good salary to leave the city home sheep chickens

1976, born in Jing Qi Shi Yang Zhuang Cun Yexian County Ye Yi zhen. In 1997, he admitted to Hunan University with a high degree of automation. 2001 to 2014, he served in the country’s influential communications company – the flames of communication, served as director of the telecommunications , the annual salary of several hundred thousand dollars.

also worked for the king after studying the Tsinghua University communications engineering graduate students, while his wife is a master’s degree in Renmin University of China. In the eyes of family members, friends, classmates, king and husband and wife is a typical social elite. They buy a car in Beijing, life easy.

"my friends are a group through the single plank bridge entrance out of the Longmen rural baby, has a master’s degree or above, have a decent job and considerable income." Jing Qi said, long life in the big city such as Beijing, they found some common problems: less than clenbuterol, drainage oil, fake lamb, swelling agent of strawberry in the side to hide, more and more people suffer health problems; as the children have come to this world, they began to put food safety in the important position. In order to have meat to eat the meat, they drove thousands of miles from home to eat food back; the dishes, they rented a piece of land on the outskirts of palm; to eat a healthy egg, they ordered "expensive organic egg big"……

2014 years, 38 year old king of life to do a very self willed

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