Apple Cider Vinegar ten brand list the whole

apple vinegar is not only delicious, but more importantly, there is a very strong health care function, which is very popular in the current beverage market, the market evaluation is very high. However, it is precisely because the market is growing, resulting in the industry has a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone secret apple cider vinegar ten brands list, so you can choose to be more suitable for apple vinegar brand.

apple cider vinegar ten brands list NO.1, heaven and earth one:

one world beverage company limited under the Guangdong world food group, is a production of vinegar beverage enterprises, one world listed since 1997, has become the largest production base of domestic vinegar beverage. In the national vinegar beverage market sales and brand reputation are among the best.

apple cider vinegar ten brands NO.2, happy partner:

Zhengzhou happy partner Beverage Co., Ltd. to develop the production of healthy green drinks, the current development and production of the happy partner apple cider vinegar drinks, drinks, such as the juice has been to the national market. Products in line with natural, green, juice, taste, the theme of environmental protection, is the ideal modern fashion health drinks.

apple cider vinegar ten brands list NO.3, Mckinley:

"Mckinley" started in 1897 in California at the foot of Alaska Mckinley, has a history of more than and 100 years, is the world’s leading and professional health food, "do most people’s health doctor Mckinley group is the constancy of the mission, the MAC has three subsidiaries in Chinese, currently Mckinley to become the leading brand China nutrition the industry of traditional channels.

apple cider vinegar ten brands list NO.4, Haitian:

is the largest professional Chinese Haitian condiment production enterprises, originated from the Qianlong Foshan Jiang Yuan, has been 300 years of history, has now become the world’s largest Haitian Zhuo however professional production and marketing enterprises. Since the beginning of 1990, the Haitian flavor has been maintained for many years to maintain the first record of the national production and sales of soy sauce, and has maintained a relatively high growth rate, is the first name of the domestic condiment industry brand.

apple cider vinegar ten brands list NO.5, Le vinegar Square:

Zhongshan Kang Kang Food Co., Ltd., is a considerable strength of the production and operation of milk drinks, vegetable protein drinks, vinegar drinks, sports drinks and vegetable drinks business. Le vinegar square is a brand of health food enterprises, in September 2004, the company won the "Guangdong famous brand" product title, 2007 Review

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