Enhance the cold store profitability of a single store in four aspects

looked at the weather will heat up, ice cream, ice cream when the protagonist of the season is getting closer and closer, the cold drinks industry to the hottest time  . Now cold drink shop so much, how to grasp the good opportunity to make money? Let’s take a look at the operation of the cold drink shop!

to operate a cold store must have their own unique way of business, Mr. Chen, the Royal Regiment of ice cream to join, has said:

"we not only allow customers to have a place to sit down and rest, but also to take this advantage to play better: let customers have a   in the store; warm and comfortable." Shop with a very soft tone, it is pleasing to the eye, the whole shop echoes the melody of the song, so that the summer   store in addition to cool, there is a romantic mood, full of modern sense. "Selling is a feeling, not just a cold drink," said  , who can enjoy the best time and taste of the best ice cream and drinks in the store.

on the choice of shops: many stores do not succeed often because of improper site selection. The downtown area may have to spend twice as much money, but with the   from the popularity and the increase in the number of customers.

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