Expert advice entrepreneurship or not according to their own personality and expertise to decide

in the public venture, the highly innovative policy incentives, entrepreneurs are more and more, entrepreneurship and employment choices, some experts suggested that according to the actual situation of their own personality, strengths to decide whether to start.

"students need to have new ideas, how has little relationship with the economic cycle." Deputy director of the center, said Professor Lin Zhiyuan, has entered the era of private custom products, different from the era of large-scale industrialization, which contains a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities.

"folk is not lack of funds, but the lack of good ideas and investment projects." Lin Zhiyuan said, in the economic prosperity, many funds flocking is often easy to get lost in the background of the economic downturn, people and capital to calm down, entrepreneurship really need to be quiet, to see the current favorable policies, system transparency, standardization in improving, to have confidence in the China economy.


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