Catering to join the project inspection standards which the whole

food and beverage industry market prospects, huge market bring considerable profits, for restaurant operators so many entrepreneurs to choose their own catering business to join the project, want to successy store business, before joining the project catering shop, it is very important to study the brand. So, food and beverage to join the project inspection criteria?

1, food and beverage to join the brand: choose a mature and famous restaurant franchise brand, will certainly reduce investment risk. When investors decide to join the ranks, should choose a high reputation, a patent (the sign of new product research and development ability, can store Everfount to provide product support, follow-up) and there is a certain operating period and the scale of the franchise system. This can enjoy the benefits of the brand effect, and can quickly enter the normal operating state. But many new joined bodies, many are improvised with money for the purpose, even on a web page is many pictures from other web pages to download. This store investment risk can be imagined.

2, feature management: a distinctive restaurant can reduce the risk of vicious competition, improve the chances of success. Today, the market can be said as long as you want to get something you can buy, you want to get the project done when people, to have a as in this environment, must have their own characteristics, including operating characteristics, product characteristics, characteristics, characteristics of sales management.

3, system management training: mature franchise system has a good management system, you can reduce the operational errors. Mature franchise system at least several years of successful business history, otherwise it is impossible to have a normal operation, a more perfect unified management system. This system includes pre training and continuous training; management system and the implementation of the powerful supervision system; continuous and effective marketing and customer management; manpower, material and financial daily operation support system. Mature franchise system, there will be a complete set of plans to join the Charter, management system, operating principles, operating manuals, training manuals and stable supply channels, etc..

4, join requirements: the ability to choose their own economic conditions and their own conditions can be achieved by joining the system. First of all, we must take into account the rate of return on investment, the lower the price is not the better the franchise, the key is to analyze whether the franchisee can bring long-term stable income, whether the value of money.

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