Cigarette products can be extracted from the point of sale

in the process of selling a variety of products, if we can not know the selling point of the product, there is no way to sell to customers, so that customers how to buy? Therefore, to understand the product selling point, is a prerequisite for selling products. However, the selling point of the product is the need to extract, which stumped a lot of shopkeepers. So, cigarette products selling point can be extracted from what?

this morning, I was in the store finishing goods. Through the glass door, I saw a middle-aged man came from across the street, I met the man, people call him Lao Zhang, is on the opposite side of the fruit shop boss friend, often in the fruit stalls and boss chat, play cards, he doesn’t always come to my shop to buy cigarettes, today somehow think of it I shop. When he came in, he asked me, "do you have a cigar in the store?" When I shook my head, he asked, "do you have any cigarettes?"

I quickly explained: "cigarettes are not good to sell here, I do not have such a cigarette." Probably because I feel that I did not come to the store to buy something embarrassed, this refers to the Lao Zhang I smoke cabinet in the section of the Great Wall (alcohol Ya milk incense), said: "this is what smoke ah? I didn’t smoke. Give me a box of this!" I quickly took out a box and handed it to him.

the the Great Wall (Chunya milk) is on the eve of my National Day in the new order of the new cigarette business. That day, tobacco companies’s account manager Liu gave me a call to remind me of the day of the visit, do not forget to visit the smoke, I also recommend a new cigarette. For the son to take his girlfriend home together in National Day at that time, I was busy preparing for the new bedding son girlfriend, Liu said I didn’t listen, only know that there is a new cigarette called "the Great Wall", 13 yuan / box price is just missing my store so, I didn’t see casually ordered two. After the arrival of new products, see this new cigarette packaging some clear, not suitable for the current wedding market, so put it in a corner of the cigarette cabinet.

did not think second days early in the morning, Zhang excitedly came to my shop to buy a the Great Wall (alcohol named Ya Naixiang). He smiled and said: "yesterday you sell me the smoke is not only thin cigarettes, or cigar flavor, I like this kind of smoke, and now I finally found!" At this time I noticed that my shop this the Great Wall (alcohol Ya milk incense) was originally a fine cigarette. Because of the goods in the store are not familiar with the customer to find the door are almost pushed me out. Since then, I have strengthened the study of commodity knowledge, but also into the purchase of a number of cigarettes and cigars thin, and Zhang has become a frequent visitor to my shop.

this thing makes me reflect on for a long time.

each product has its own special features and characteristics, and want to sell goods smoothly, we must be familiar with their goods. If the owner to himself

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