Cell door open what shop the most reliable

is the home of the house, but also set up shop treasure, but not every store is suitable to open here, then the cell door open what shop the most reliable? After a comprehensive analysis found that these stores are more suitable for opening in the cell door. There are shops at the entrance of the idea of investors, may wish to draw on these contents.

the cell door open for what shop? Convenience stores are mainly for community residents, consumer target groups more stable. Sales of all kinds of daily necessities, hot and cold beverage and food; sell lottery, concert tickets, travel agency floating; newspapers and magazines; generation developing and enlarging; the establishment of a public telephone; selling stamps; telephone door-to-door; provide housekeeping service; free air; medical kits; hot water supply and heating in microwave oven; the sale of umbrellas. Is the service content of convenience stores.

the cell door open for what shop? In the living area rented a 30 square meters above the facade of the room, the monthly rent of about $2500, buy stoves, cooking utensils and other items to be around 5000 yuan, the initial investment of about $20 thousand to open. The community with the ordinary small kitchen restaurant is not the same, it is mainly for residents of a community, provide some homely dishes; in addition, can provide the raw material by the customer, with the help of a number of small kitchen processing, processing fees according to the information provided by the guests, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of service.

the cell door open for what shop? Books and services to the acquisition, sale of old books and periodicals, while leasing, swap swap, leasing and other services. The opening of the service is not too large, there are 2-3 million can be opened. Generally need 2-3 rooms of the facade, the production of some from the ceiling to the ground floor of the three three-dimensional bookcase, as far as possible to make full use of indoor space. The key is to choose the address, should be in the school, the cultural community is closer to the place.

the cell door open for what shop? Now on the market sell fruit, candied fruit is variety, but many of the older people in the city but occasionally miss the past rural New Year’s rice cake, such as special purchases for the Spring Festival, crisp, Ren, tile angle Ding, sugar, rice, hot skin sand fried potatoes and so on. In fact, these fruits and vegetables, adults, children love. In the city to do a processing and wholesale and retail of agricultural fruit shop, will be able to get good results.


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