300 yuan started shopping mall turned female boss

has a lot of business very touching story in our life, at the same time such an entrepreneurial story for many people to drive, then say the entrepreneurs is very ordinary, but she has a very extraordinary entrepreneurial experience.

300 started selling children’s shopping malls, nutrition guard turned female boss from Ji’nan, Miss Kong, from the first family to the morning market stall, now Ji’nan area alone has 3 stores, 10 stores, less than 8 years, from a business field staff to obey in every way into more than a dozen children’s clothing store. Now her foreign trade children’s clothing business not only in the province, but also to do Beijing, Kunming and other provinces outside the city.

ten years of grinding sword

from shopping malls salesperson to morning Liantan

32 year old Miss hole cheerful, optimistic, very talkative, but to mention their own youth, Ms. Kong said that the most appropriate to describe their own self-confidence. After graduating from junior high school, poor words of Miss Kong to listen to mother’s words to apply for a clothing vocational school. In accordance with the planning of the hole mother, tailor this line is more suitable for the daughter of inarticulate. After the clothing school for a period of time, "itchy" Miss Kong secretly help a worker in a factory making dad pants, but when she according to their own ideas to the workers made a cuffed pants fashion, this is not required to do by the worker pants was eventually rejected.

"I wear pants flanging more good-looking, but he insisted on going straight." At this time, Miss Kong suddenly realized that such a life is not what he wants, he can not do a tailor. Three years later, from the clothing vocational school graduate hole into a shopping mall. Just entered the unit, she thought, "I must not stay here long", but did not expect this to be ten years time.

2001, grandfather suddenly fell ill, which makes Miss Kong’s life embarrassed. I add up to less than 1000 yuan with her husband’s wages, to the elderly to see a doctor, but also to raise a newborn son, this money is not enough." In order to support the family, Miss Kong to Yanshan morning set up a stall, selling stationery.

I turned


really set up stands, Miss Kong found himself selling stationery and did not imagine so popular, the best business when her stationery a day to sell 20 yuan, the less time a day can only sell 2 dollars. Adhere to a month later, a friend of the word so that the hole is determined to switch careers, the people around here are to buy food, who buy Stationery, ah, take a piece of clothes to go back line."

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