Franchise fraud screening techniques

now has a lot of brands are more development by way of franchising, but many investors have encountered a lot of join the scam, even after the inspection of the headquarters has been deceived. So Xiaobian today to court, to teach you how to cheat, I hope you be careful.

the dead to tie, brainwash you, crooks will excuse many specific issues the phone that is not clear, and to invite you to visit the headquarters of the so-called. As long as you go to the headquarters of the investigation, the liar’s deception basically successful 50%.

Second, set the crooks in the street store store image. This kind of shop is often arranged by the crooks of their own people in the business, regardless of the actual business situation, the owner will be in accordance with the pre designed words continue to encourage you to join.

Real franchisees are hidden, even if you ask directly to join the real crooks contact, crooks will find many excuses to refuse to provide the. Because the crooks know, once you get in touch with the real franchisee, you will know the truth, the scam will be compromised.


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