Do marketing work also need to know how to change thinking

some people no matter what to do, is always a "stick", do not know how to convert, so how to make consumer satisfaction? This year, the development of the industry is facing increasing pressure, as a marketing department at the county level, in the case of weak market, how to do a good job of marketing, it is worthy of our consideration and discussion.

"Luo boss, Hello, this time you just ordered a small number of local brands, foreign brands such as" Septwolves "and" Yellow Crane Tower "is the need to order?" Meizhou, Xingning Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Branch) customer manager Xiao Lai to the area of retail customers to promote the boss Luo cigarette.

"I’ve got a lot of smoke in my warehouse!" The boss angrily rejected his promotion. Small Lai and customer communication failed, did not achieve the desired results. Later, sales department director Huang Lingyuan to understand the situation, to rely on a small class. Small Lai, and now the economic situation is grim, customer demand for cigarettes decreased, operating pressure increases, not as good as before to communicate. You want to try to change the thinking, to help customers tap business potential, so that they smoke from the passive order to take the initiative to order.

can you tell the customer said: boss, where you store environment, traffic is relatively large, and near the construction site workers more consumer groups is relatively large, I see you last ordered five "Septwolves" and "Yellow Crane Tower" series of cigarettes, are good, you can set the the two brands to sell, to ensure your source billowing!"

since then, the customer is not a small Lai district basically no longer refused to communicate with the phenomenon of customer work done better and better. See how important it is to change thinking in marketing.

another time, a city customer angrily called the marketing department: "Hey, is the marketing department? I’m going to complain about your delivery man. Call you the leadership of the tobacco companies, not to give me a statement today, I do not want the goods!"

"boss, Hello, I’m Huang Lingyuan, director of marketing, can you elaborate on that?" Huang Lingyuan patiently listening to customer complaints and demands. The original 12 line delivery to customer order delivery in cigarette misplacing, causing several cigarette damage, then no apology. The customer is very angry, unwilling to sign.

Huang Lingyuan to understand the situation, immediately rushed to the customers, and sincerely apologize, and promised to make up for his loss and education staff. Customers see tobacco companies attaches great importance to this matter, and sincerely apologize, no longer ask for compensation. Later, Huang Lingyuan talked with the delivery of a word: as a delivery agent, you represent the image of the tobacco business, you will have the words and deeds to customers, consumers have an impact. Therefore, in the work to change the thinking, do not shirk responsibility

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