How about steak steak cattle millions of fast food whole

this is a project that can give you enough support to join the brand, which is a product with a strong advantage of the franchise brand. This is today Xiaobian to recommend the steak steak with millions of cattle fast-food brands.

cattle steak steak with millions of fast-food brands, belonging to the Chengdu Xin source quanta Enterprise Management Limited, is the "million cattle steak grilled rice" brand developers and operators. Strong management team, clear division of labor, professional management of nearly 100 people.

company was founded in 2011, adhere to high standards of mass food concept, under the premise of ensuring food safety, improve the quality of rice and other food, and strive to reduce the cost of the restaurant management, restaurant food prices remain at a low level of wage earners can afford. The company advocates the enterprise culture of all rivers, mutual benefit and win-win, and strive to realize the social effect of consumers, managers, employees, investors and suppliers.

business model: there is more room for development than KFC

brand from the beginning of creation, put the steak steak with millions of cattle market positioning in low-income groups, with the lowest price in laying a huge advantage for yourself. The ability to make a quick meal out of a million people is a combination of the simple and rapid characteristics of the customer’s meal, and the ability to turn over the table. They cut and a series of intensive and meticulous farming combined with practice, the formation of the most widely distributed and have super ability to adapt, so that millions of cattle have great development space. It can be said that only a place where people can open a million cattle. We take Chengdu snacks as a reference, according to projections, cattle millions in the country can also open thousands of stores, which is even the current Chinese market, the most powerful fast food giant KFC can not do it.

cattle million to join the brand advantage of fast food steak steak with what? The main points are as follows:

1, no chef seasoning

created a chef without millions of cattle food and beverage industry, do not cook can cook a meal, do not cook can be of guests, you can not cook Red China, do not cook can put the shop opened all over the world, the extraordinary skill, extraordinary popularity will produce extraordinary flowers, singing out ordinary poems.

2, material procurement extensive

cattle million by headquarters distribution ingredients can also choose the mass market ingredients, reduce costs, protect the profits of dealers, the public is not the same as the cooking delicious, not the same popularity not tell the same business, meal, shop will make money, this is the cow million years of sweat summary seize him, change your life from now on.


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