Chongqing has 274 thousand women to achieve employment

female entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial team in the form of more and more, the introduction of a number of Huimin policies to help women around the country to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship employment. Chongqing women have 274 thousand people to start their own business trip.

described in Chongqing women, in addition to the beautiful, straightforward, bold, there is a word that is "competent". Nowadays, more and more Chongqing women start to start their own businesses. Yesterday, the Municipal Women’s Federation released data show that, as of now, the city has issued a total of 10 billion 144 million yuan of small loans secured by women, to help achieve the employment of the 274 thousand women.

women small loans policy, is to help women achieve a favorable policy of employment. Among them, this year 1~9 month, women issued loans 1 billion 110 million yuan, benefiting 13 thousand women and 29 women entrepreneurs create and lead labor intensive enterprises.

she led with hemophilia paper-cut venture

in helping the city women’s Federation, in 2013 and 2014, Peng Maolin for two consecutive years to apply for business cycle gold 400 thousand yuan China women’s foundation, used to expand the Jian’ai studio site, from a small workshop has grown, added to absorb 12 disabled persons for the studio paper-cut staff, effectively helping them find jobs.

The increase in the number of female

in May this year, the Municipal Women’s Federation set up private non enterprise nature helping women’s employment and Entrepreneurship of the public service platform of Chongqing city women’s business service center".

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