Sushi sushi sushi

in a number of food and beverage items in Japan and South Korea in the style of cooking sushi is delicious, do it convenient. In small series, it seems that this is a delicate delicious and healthy food items excellent. Sushi is very delicious. It’s a very healthy and nutritious food that contains a lot of calories and fat. Variety of ways to enjoy sushi, can be a ready-made package, you can also according to your idea to cook. Sushi is more than just food, it’s a fine art. Harmonious colors and a combination of creative dishes, so that you have to look at them have appetite. Sushi is a good place to visit. Look at the chef to make the style you want, make you feel perfect. You can even make your own simple sushi, many kinds of sushi can be done in the home, you can also develop a unique new species, experience the joy of creation. Sushi has so many benefits, of course, will be favored by people. Sushi sushi sushi is now very popular, is the new darling of the market, then how to join it?

sushi sushi sushi join details

sushi sushi join conditions:

1, to have the spirit of perseverance and certain business ideas. Can be put into operation and management of the store, good health, hard work, a sense of responsibility.

2, selected from the facade should produce a valid certificate of property; property lease, shall produce valid lease documents and owners confirm the lease certificate.

3, must be decent, honest, have a strong interest in the industry, have a strong desire for success and dedication, have confidence in the long-term commitment to business.

4, to have a certain amount of capital operation ability, to ensure the normal operation of the store and daily operating expenses.

sushi sushi project advantage:

brand advantage: global consumers agree with the brand, but also by the consumer favorite brand.

business advantage: the unified image, unified service, unified management, unified distribution, unified price, unified propaganda, make our shop to the sharing of resources, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and benefit of large.

service advantages: sustainable service projects, complete management training, thoughtful store management guidance, a unified source of goods for the franchisee’s escort.

product advantages: a strong export team, has been based on the continuous changes in the market, and developed to adapt to different markets, the crowd’s products to ensure that we are in the national market, the customer

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