Join jewelry store need to pay attention to what strategies

jewelry is a lot of friends favorite collocation ornaments, its market is vast, by many consumers attention and love, so, if you want to open a jewelry store, to pay attention to what the strategy? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

inventory management strategy

inventory is a franchisee of love and hate, can be said to be a big bane of retail business, reasonable inventory can quickly enhance the sales of stock, can also cause loss of business. Careful study of the store where the shopping district, consumer demand has become particularly important, but also a detailed understanding of the headquarters of the season when the main push goods and composite products. Join jewelry store to pay attention to what? Because the headquarters of the monthly listing of new products are manufactured according to the trend of the month, clearly the amount should be ordered in order to do a good job of commodity supply and sales of seamless connection.

promotion opportunity grasp

join jewelry store to pay attention to what? Promotion is an effective means to improve sales, the key is the opportunity to promote. Promotion is the best time to basically will be concentrated in a year of 73 days "core sales day", including the 52 weekend of the year, 11 statutory holidays, 10 special holiday, simply say that traffic is relatively large, sales are relatively concentrated, can produce the best sales day. A good grasp of the best sales promotion opportunity, advance arrangement promotion plan promotion material preparation, an ample supply of goods and sales staff skills training, so it is not difficult to increase sales.

employee management method

Ming Hui seven color flower will provide a series of staff management training recommendations for franchisees, given the corresponding training support franchisee. Join jewelry store to pay attention to what? Of course, rely on training is not enough, the franchisee needs to find the problem from the source, the real mastery, learn how to manage staff. Ming Hui seven color flower think, franchisees should fully understand their employees. A manager who is fully aware of his or her employees will be a top manager, both at work and in relationships.

to establish a good relationship

member management is an important course, loyal members will bring to the store doubled sales and good reputation, and can bring more new consumers. Join jewelry store to pay attention to what? The training system can easily help franchisees learn how to construct the membership management files, keep the old members, explore new members; and to assist franchisees of customer files, will find their own preferences, vision, purchasing power, which can be more targeted to goods and services recommended.

hand in hand with the brand

join in the selection of the franchisee

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