How to open a high forced small restaurant

now has a lot of young people, because of higher education, so are advocate some petty bourgeois lifestyle, especially welcomed by some very high force lattice petty restaurant society then open a high force petty restaurant in the end how to operate



locationHow can

Why not open


a. convenient parking. By business decision, customer consumer groups positioning is higher than the public level, most used car and taxi, take a bus to go to the highest level of the solar system, the universe invincible restaurant? We never do such things as petty.

b. beautiful environment   (born proud)

c. architecture or geographical identity is strong, mentioning know where Qingfeng Road No. 30, Hongkong city four floor?.

d. area  :200 flat above.

e. commercial and catering available

f. location can be copied: the whole city on a place? No, we want to have every city, a lot of.

g. as far as possible in the urban area, can be prosperous, it is best to take place in the quiet place.

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