Shop business to pay attention to security risks

for countless shopkeepers, many times because there is not enough attention, the occurrence of a security incident, not only the need for compensation, but also may lead to the store’s business has been greatly affected. This is not, there is such a security accident. This morning, the sky floating snow drifting profusely and disorderly ground, a vast expanse of whiteness, shop no customers, I sat in a daze in the shop door boring.

through the glass door, I can clearly see the opposite of the fruit shop. I saw a tall, short, two middle-aged women walked into the fruit shop, not long after, each of the two middle-aged women carrying a large bag of fruit out. Front of the fruit shop is a slope, this slope is the fruit shop owner for the convenience of the store to promote the introduction of cold drinks to sell the refrigerator specially built.

Short women saw

walking in front of the shop door just slipped and fell in the fruit store, with a tall woman behind her quickly came to help, no Chengxiang, tall woman with a slip on the ground, two people carrying fruit scattered on the ground. It turned out that the front door of the fruit store was full of snow, people walking on it is easy to slip.

this time, fruit shop owner got into big trouble, tall women after the fall, climb up slowly, and short of women but also how not to move a little, my "ouch ouch" called, look like broken bones. I and next door to the house to help the owner of the bread.

tall women to the fruit shop owner shouted: "my sister’s children get married tomorrow, specifically went to your shop to buy some fruit for tomorrow hospitality, you said, you do not know how the snow in front of a clean sweep!" Because in their own store before things, fruit shop owner hurriedly called the 120 ambulance, and accompanied by the fall of the sisters went to the hospital. I heard later that the short woman had broken her right leg.

in recent days, most of the northern region have ushered in the rain and snow, the first is the rhythm of the rain, the ground was wet, followed by rain turned into snow, the road soon played guitar in a layer of ice, the floor is very slippery, if the shop on the doorstep of the snow is not timely clean, customer it is easy to slip in front of the store, it will not only give customers a threat to the safety, also can make the store suffered economic losses. Like the owner of the fruit shop, because the shop in front of the snow, causing the customer to fall, has been in the hospital and took the money to spend three or four days.

shop to do business, in addition to store efficiency, store merchandise safety, store security facilities should also be the most important store operators work.

nearly a year, retailers and friends to enhance safety awareness, full of good.

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