What are the names of the company guidelines

a name not only can not cause the attention of consumers, but also can not leave any impression to consumers, in the current competitive environment so intense, such a name is undoubtedly a failure. So, the company name must be able to arouse the interest of the customers, attract consumer desires, such as "yipinxian", "three", "Goubuli" and the like, so that consumers are of interest and curiosity, so will take the initiative to go to the door. So novel can be different from the best.

company name can not be too complicated. Some companies such as love by difficult words, so that customers can not only understand, but also do not know what the company is selling. Like "wankelai", "half", "taste" and the company name is simple to understand, easy to spread.

select the traditional commercial flavor very thick network access to the name of the production network

this name is the most popular in old china. As the source of Feng Piaohao sent off lock production. Daqing yuan ticket number, Fukang bank, HSBC bank, Shun Kang Sheng Li, Ruikang pigment number and so on in the family. This kind of company name I GAD, mostly taking advantage by the spray spray lock is used with the auspicious big industry with a combination of force Chinese characters received positive degree, the production and operation of Geely Italy Yang Bao who lock.

named to the company to choose the style of the rich and colorful word for the company name

such companies can be divided into two categories of implicit and straightforward. "The name of the company to show their alliance and the highest be not of the common sort management style, such as Goldlion, the company president, rich company, Fuguiniao leather shoes company, bully computer company, Royal resort, Imperial Hotel, and Yang Yang Li added network model. There are subtle pictures, a new era of Red Mansions, Tianlong sofa factory, giant tree, elegant silk garment company limited and so on are in wells.

addition, take a good name, and to the atmosphere, catchy, good good record, because the name from the psychology, called the first effect, is the first impression, good name is easy to make others feel good about themselves.

choose modern means even the source of the name

some companies to adapt to the trend of commercial capital attraction, to meet modern consumer prices net our aesthetic industry I source network, pay attention to selection of modern means of adding the name for the camp, the name of the general impression of a "foreign" gas production and large formwork feeling from the industry, give a person a kind of commodity taste off network bidding mode, enterprises have fun camp’s feeling trick lock the production. Such as Beijing Yansha mall, mall, Parkson, SEG group, union Meggie salon, fitness center, Rhine olice cosmetics company, Maxam cosmetics Limited company and so on in Meng gu.

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