Learn the skills of naming shops from a hundred years old

Speaking of

named the success of every century old brand will have the right to speak, has a history of so long, until now still by many consumers, this is not only the service’s success is the success of the name. Also, a century old evolution to today, some have already become a kind of culture, become the intangible cultural heritage, especially some of the details and time-honored catering industry such as: wax juice, Liu Yuan, Liu hollyland, Daoxiang village, Liubiju, tianfuhao, etc. in casserole. Tea industry Zhang Yiyuan, Wuyutai Chazhuang etc.. The apparel sector, in conjunction with Xiang, Li & Fung Cheung.

The time-honored Chinese medicine

Tang, Jing Xiutang, Tongji, crafts, and so on Tufang nirenzhang kyrgyzstan. The time-honored name the first prominent a feature is the "industry characteristics, such as home, nirenzhang casserole; second is," auspicious, catchy "such as inline, ruifuxiang, third;" reflect the founder character such as "one yuan, Tongji hall.

is a good shop name with the above three points; occupation, auspicious, personal character of (of the shop, numerology) or the name of the company is a good luck, wealth, name, the name can promote prosperity.

today, some businesses in order to attract guests, can be said to have all kinds of shop names, no integrity, really do not know the relevant departments and relevant departments and relevant personnel is how to make these people get a license? It is worth pondering, for example; rice drunk Gang, a hotel, underwear, milk bar, kept woman burst blind Dick cut, silly B children’s clothing and so on, it is not strange, all kinds of, it is the challenge of human moral bottom line, or is it really wicked. Then the face of these wonderful names, their business can do long? I personally feel like it is difficult, I would like to ask that the parents are willing to go to the "silly B children’s clothing" for their children to buy clothes? There are heroes who are willing to "a restaurant for dinner? Even if there is an estimated idiotic types.

so, a good shop, company name is how to create it? Here, from the following aspects of the synthesis for everyone to read about;

is the first name to highlight the industry;

what is the scope of your business? Is the restaurant, or home, whether it is business what, first reflected in the nature of your occupation from the name of the can, it makes clear, can clearly know what you are doing, what services are provided. What is the "2B youth joy", this is why? What business? Eat, play, or wear? No one knows.

second is the name to be highlighted on tall;


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