Xiamen post logistics safety data docking eye system

with the advent of the Internet era, the advent of the electricity supplier has become one of the basic ways of shopping in our lives, so in the market to become an inevitable courier industry. "Everything is normal!" The morning of August 11th 10, is the office of the Security Detachment Battalion of the two Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau Chief Lv Junbin, holding a police through the mobile phone, click on the screen of a App icon, then start the day in the city of dozens of hazardous goods warehouse and hundreds of vehicles "patrol".

safety supervision of dangerous goods, from the original traditional ways need not regularly into the spot, now through the Internet data flow extending to the tip App, this safety supervision "a" picture, is not a science fiction film and television scenes, it was Xiamen police used to combat. Its benefits are obvious, anytime, anywhere to check, and even to achieve with the cab driver sitting in the cab face to face, to achieve a visual warning.

"visualization" warning, since this year the Xiamen comprehensive management of political science departments will be "Internet plus" on the dangerous goods safety supervision and delivery logistics safety management, an innovative initiative active prevention and control of risk.

dangerous goods

security monitoring

take the phone to open App

and dangerous explosive items drivers face to face

hazardous chemicals warehouse has no one on duty, carrying dangerous chemicals vehicles where I can see here all." During the interview, the reporter in order to make a more intuitive feel, Lv Junbin hit the desk computer screen on the App icon, a license plate number "Fujian D× × × 71" carrying hazardous chemicals trucks on the Lake Road, a clear picture of the cab driver even in music expression see crystal clear.

"the car is started, GPS vehicle positioning and monitoring probe will open at the same time, the driver and the car driving route every word and action, will be transferred to the system, accept the supervision department of the public security and other functions, and here I am, and the driver can also dialogue." Lv Junbin told reporters.

as everyone knows, the dangerous goods in case of accidents, it is likely to cause losses and incalculable consequences, even casualties, and the "TeleEye" system — "civil explosives supervision and inspection information system", relying on public security big data, using the police as a hand-held terminal, loading inspection item menu and assessment rules, the implementation of blasting a unit of work for risk assessment and classification of early warning, and set explosive repository of video surveillance, video site records, transport vehicles and other functions of video retrieval recommendation