Factors affecting the restaurant business

is also a restaurant business, some have a deserted house, really bursting, where is the problem? What are the main problems that affect the restaurant business? Knowing this, you can find the key point.

location is not fine, in the restaurant before the site without detailed analysis, and the current situation of the district did not understand the catering industry, in many cases the location of mistakes will have limited consumption, less people orientation factors.

The choice and price dislocation

cuisine, for a business, to do the cuisine positioning according to the resident population eating habits, so that it can meet the needs of the consumers, not because the cuisine does not match the influence to the later management of restaurants.

To determine the

don’t control the cost according to the provisions, determine the product rate and improve the rate of chaos chaos, reduce the amount of product to the consumer, consumption, prices affect the successful opening.

quality features is not clear, no difference.

The main problem of

open a successful restaurant, pay attention to avoid the above problems, so as to maintain the good image of the restaurant, to attract more customers to shop area to save high popularity, so you can make more delicious wealth.


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