See how young people to achieve entrepreneurial dream with creativity

a lot of college graduates, they want to start their own business, some people have a good project to choose the business, and some people to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through the creative. Let’s take a look at young people how to make good use of their own creative circle of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Chen Jie is Wuhan Textile University 06 level of professional interior design graduates, she has all kinds of research out of the ordinary manual accessories, get online to sell.

in June this year, Chen Jie used her English name "Clorisjoy" named after the opening of the shop, she found that very few people alone make a necklace with lace, put the golden beads with two sides successive pattern string in the lace hole, with rabbit hair of gold pendant, first opened to sell a 48 yuan order. Chen Jie very excited. Later, she also used the environmental protection wires and metal chain mix compiled bracelet; the small sky heart made of dried flowers, fixed on the metal tray with a special glue, designed the gem glue flower series earrings, pendants and bookmarks. Although the store is now no profit, but Chen Jiehui insisted on doing it, in the future to have their own name to the name of the clothing accessories brand shop.

recently, many shops in the streets of Wuhan, you can find the Wuhan hand drawn map, and these hand-painted map from a called "peach Seikei" creative team. "Peach Seikei" creative team leader named Wen Zhouyi, he did not graduate degree with a girlfriend had a personality that was called the "peach Seikei book". Wen Zhouyi led the "peach Seikei" team, continue to use the brush to draw to the Wuhan University, Lin Tanhua streets hand drawn maps, on the map, all the famous landmarks have been marked out, let the dealings of the visitors at a glance. They draw a hand drawn map of Wuhan University, during the Cherry Blossom Festival in the price of 10 yuan / Zhang launched, one day Guangdong tourists, college students to buy the more than and 100.

and Wen Zhouyi are similar, is reading the junior Tang Yahan also did not graduate began his entrepreneurial path. He used to do a lot of different part-time jobs, and he found the opportunity to sell electronic products for college students, so he opened a computer shop with someone else. In order to attract more customers in the campus, he launched a door-to-door business. In the sales of products to provide customers with professional and technical guidance, welcomed.

venture will have the risk of entrepreneurship, their wisdom, ability and other comprehensive test, look through the experience of the above two entrepreneurs, can inspire more young people entrepreneurial dream. But when we read every entrepreneurial story, we will find that in the first page of the story, the hero is neither mysterious nor magical.

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