WeChat group sold Roasted Chicken earning 200 thousand 3 million venture capital

In order to promote

Roasted Chicken, Fu Haining built a 500 WeChat group.

in the "popular wave of entrepreneurship innovation", Internet plus entrepreneurship has become the trend, it has become common tools of communication between friends, a lot of people WeChat business platform. Part of the entrepreneurs to build their own WeChat group, they operate their own products and reputation in the group, maintaining customer relationships, and many of the big contracts are quietly generated in the WeChat group. We focus on the business of the WeChat group, WeChat group of entrepreneurs to explore the secret of fun do fire business, to provide a reference for other entrepreneurs.

developed the characteristics of "laying cock" Roasted Chicken, Fu Haining by WeChat group marketing promotion, the monthly sales of nearly 200 thousand yuan, at the same time actually attracted 3 million venture capital; relying on the company launched a premium product package, Pan Minxi become a selling tea cream lead sister, she built the WeChat group successfully recruited more than 200 "partners" tea cream sales, Chengcheng rise…… Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of clever use of WeChat group of entrepreneurs to get to know their entrepreneurial story behind.


WeChat group to find angel investors selling Roasted Chicken attracted 3 million venture capital

Fu Haining is a worthy of the name of multi dwelling entrepreneurs, he and his team is now doing household appliances, real estate sales agent, with excellent performance have been dubbed the "chief sales officer" of the title, Fu Haining today to open up new areas, he is using chowhound prides itself on the Internet selling mode created "Rooster lays eggs" Roasted Chicken.

is not a product as the core of the Internet food and beverage projects are playing rogue." 24 morning, the reporter arrived at the Tongan road lay cock "the first store in Haining to pay visits to talk about the" egg laying rooster "project says. "Currently on the market Roasted Chicken, most of the chicken skin have taste, but the chicken breast meat did not taste, this time we specially developed Roasted Chicken is all the taste, eat up very quickly."

Fu Haining is very humorous, active thinking, his company name "wolf wolf love purchase", he said the name is "cute", not only with the "long long ago homophonic", but also the wolf’s meaning, fit well with his sales company, and now his Internet catering project called "Rooster lays eggs" in the belly of the cock is put into a Marinated Egg, a little silly but people themselves.

talked about promotion model, pay Haining is also outspoken. "We are using the WeChat group to promote, first I called a friend WeChat number more than 1000 people in the organization of a group of friends, let them to taste my" egg laying rooster ", they feel good you can send a link in the circle of friends." Fu Haining said, as long as someone clicks on the link to his friends, and pays attention to lay cock "public no.. Number of public platform will automatically identify the number of concerns, we are based on the head to the promotion of red envelopes, each person to give 1 to $2 promotional envelopes. >

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