To avoid the plight of novice shop location should pay attention to the problem

now similar shops to see very much, perhaps drink shops in the 100 meters there are two, but each operation is not the same, want to have a good profit, it is important to choose. Novice shop, the site should pay attention to what issues?

The ten major causes of formation of yin and Yang Street:

No association, a merchant

two, open stores in the district (district focus outside adjacent obstacles, no relevance);

three, the shop is not in active passenger line;

four, stores in the active passenger line, but a strong competitor in the vicinity, leading into the store

rate is low;

five, the customer has the psychological barrier of a brand or a place (the history of disgraceful things happened);

six, the South and North northwest wind sunset;

seven, planning disorder, low grade


eight, the shop on the work flow of people online, no time to go to work to the consumer;

nine, the customer is not willing to cross the road, the road is too wide or too far from the sidewalk overpass, black, steep and unsafe;

ten stores opened in the middle of the two district, less traffic.

for a new shop should also consider these factors:

(1) store ground and uneven pavement selection. The uneven impact of customers into the store.

(2) store to carefully choose on the slope. Slope affect vehicle parking, adverse customers into the store shopping.

(6) stores should be careful relatively narrow width. Because the store width is relatively narrow is not easy to be customer attention.