Opened a special glasses shop in order to quickly win

electronic product updates very fast, most young people have the habit of the night to claw machine, and this leads to a lot of young friends early to wear glasses, glasses shop business has been booming, and special glasses shop will attract more customers.

"I’ve been doing this for 20 years, from a glasses factory workers into their shop, until now, has a hundred square meters of glasses shop, I have always been very optimistic about the prospects of the industry." Hankou District of Hubei city in Wuhan Province, a shop owner Mr. Nong said many people have taken to open shop profitable, but also particularly fierce the competition in the industry, in order to survive must have their own characteristics.

cake market segments

Agricultural Mr. Hunan, operating in Wuhan glasses shop has been for some years. He revealed that his own business to open an optical shop, lots of choice is particularly important to say that people have to find a place. Then, the analysis of the optical shop where the mainstream consumer groups, determine the location of the store operators, because now the competition is fierce, market segmentation is particularly important.

Agricultural said shop cost mainly includes 8 common equipment including forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan of investment, rental and purchase costs etc.. The glasses from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, as long as the owner can identify their target consumer groups, positioning accuracy, generally profitable.

The operating characteristics of

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