Store location should pay attention to what

for store location, people do know that there are a lot of attention, but wait until the real location is easy to ignore. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to more systematic statistics, so that more people understand the store location should pay attention to the content. So, the location of the shop should pay attention to what?

sublet room to be cautious

in selected locations, for those who pass the store must pay attention to. One is the transfer housing is certainly no longer operating only leased, why bring such consequences may be caused by low flow; second is the transfer through layers of hands may rent, the rent should be higher than the original number, increase the cost of intangible; third is to deal with in the future this kind of real hands, will bring great risks, don’t wait until your business just on the road, the main house would come to trouble.

– Lianshui county agriculture convenience store owner Yang Fengrao

pay attention to rent level

The key is the site chosen rent

. In the process of selecting sites, not blindly covet cheap rent stores, cheap rent here only shows the "gold content" is too low, will surely affect the business. Followed by the pursuit of high rents can not blindly, that is, some of the gold market, nor is it suitable for any business format, once the operation is not good, high rents may become a major burden on your business. So, choose the shop can’t go from one extreme to another, you can rent to the capacity of its own within the scope of.

– Huaian City Haihong tobacco supermarket boss Wang Haihong

shop arraigned shop

hotel shop rent is low, but not conducive to the management in selected locations, it is best not to consider this kind of shops. Hotel restaurants rarely cause the attention of customers, some customers see the shop has a front door, thought this is a channel sample display, and ignore the store of goods. In addition, the minimum pedestrian shop back and forth too much, not only affect the normal purchase customers, but also not conducive to business management, at the same time, to the store, easy to cause the loss of goods caused by the loss of business.

– Lianshui County Commercial Street shop owner Cui Jia Gou Cui Ming

away from discount stores

now two stores, five yuan stores and discount stores filled with every corner of this special class of high streets and back lanes, but the retail store "killer", you have to site, on this kind of shops "at a distance", remember do not with this kind of shops to. Because this kind of shops in addition to product quality and low price, not on the level, but also with some high.

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