The real Bole is the practice of entrepreneurial innovation

recently, many people have begun to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, which has a certain relationship with the current environment. Many places began to implement a dollar to open the company, the new deal, the business license is obviously more. This low threshold of subscription registration system is deeply affecting the rhythm of entrepreneurship. Facts have proved that decentralization is the key to open the door of the potential, is to stimulate the vitality of the market, to encourage innovation in talent catalyst.

in the decentralization of all kinds of talents put out in this special group of entrepreneurs is very important. Economist Inpet believes that the entrepreneurial innovation activities, is to promote economic and social sustainable development of the root causes. On the other hand, from the perspective of the relationship between entrepreneurs and technology, the experience of recent decades shows that the important feature of modern science and technology".

"maxima" is out of the game, not out of phase. More time, the real Bole is entrepreneurship, innovation practice. This competition, for entrepreneurs, is a positive way of employment, lifestyle. For the whole society, the prosperity of the industry can bring more employment opportunities. On the contrary, in the active stage of youth entrepreneurship, innovation, if not the opportunity to display their talent, not only will be a huge waste of valuable human capital, will also inhibit members of society consciousness, increase the rising space congestion, causing social disappointment and dissatisfaction.

culture "maxima", let the feelings of justice and dignity. The idea of fair opportunity is embedded in the hearts of everyone, to promote the free and comprehensive development of human beings, is the meaning of the Chinese dream. Formed to encourage entrepreneurship, tolerance of failure of the social atmosphere, entrepreneurship and rejuvenating the strategic direction is indispensable.

find "maxima", also need to create more racing platform. Compared with other strategy, the strategy of rejuvenating the venture may not need a large number of public funding, but cannot do without a sound system to escort. The reform measures in the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee "decision", such as "after the first photo card business registration system, a unified and open market system, the compensation mechanism is determined by the elements of the market, inclusive financial, equitable and sustainable social security, highlighting the basic education fair education system, a sound legal system, and so on, are called the business of" good". Similar to the one dollar to open the company, the new deal, to reduce the cost of entrepreneurship, activate talent creativity, with a symbolic role.


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