What are the conditions of Guilin rice noodle

rice flour, which we usually say, is one of the most popular items in pasta snacks. Rice joined the brand in the rice Guilin rice is better, would like to join the first to understand what is the right to join the Guilin rice rice bar conditions!

join conditions:

1, with a certain entrepreneurial passion and a certain degree of comprehensive quality, a high degree of recognition of the management concept of the sister-in-law, obedience to the headquarters of the unified management, good reputation, strong sense of responsibility.

2, rice Guilin rice flour to join the corresponding investment strength and certain management capabilities.

3, with the correct view of risk and risk awareness.

4, is the Guilin franchise Rice noodles rice standard shop Kuei sister-in-law of one or more standard, and the construction of a standardized central kitchen and distribution center.

5, where no agents.

21 century life is full of passion, choose to join the rice Guilin rice cost is small, the market is blank, the prospect is good, easy to get rich worry free good project.

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