The third session of the Hefei City Youth nnovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Winners

youth entrepreneurship in the future has been recognized by the public, attracting the attention of many investors. In Hefei, which emphasizes the development of innovation and technology in the city, young entrepreneurs who have a strong policy support.

lasted more than four months time, Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition finally opened the last layer of the veil. January 25, 2016, the third China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest awards ceremony held in Hefei city government center in Hefei.

contest selected by the end of one or two, third-prize venture group, a total of 10 awards; group one or two, third-prize innovation, a total of 9 projects and assessment group of outstanding projects, "venture star" and "pioneers", "the most potential award" and other awards. Among them, one or two, three prize will receive a total of up to $100 thousand bonus cash incentives and related policy support.

throughout these winning projects, is the use of the Internet platform, combined with the problems encountered by people in real life and the development of the project, and has a strong application, and can help to solve some practical problems.

it is reported that the Hefei Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition has been successfully held three sessions, is the Hefei municipal League will respond to the call, specific measures to actively implement the "double" work. Next, the city will be organized by the contest for the contract recommendation

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