Talk about the experience of 4 years from station construction to promotion

1. Website impact on network marketing

my current website is the Hefei Phoenix cancer hospital.

for the private hospital, the network marketing strategy is the most important website construction strategy and promotion strategy, two are interrelated: the construction site is the foundation, network promotion is expanding, optimization is aided, will the website construction, website promotion and optimization combination, to improve customer browsing conversion rate.

as the online sales base and network marketing body of the hospital, the advantages and disadvantages of the website construction directly affect the sales performance. In the network marketing oriented website, it can really create value for the hospital. Professional website construction has the following characteristics:


1. site itself is able to retrieve large amounts of traffic through search engines;

2. designs the website from the user experience angle, uses the convenient platform for the user, thus enhances the customer conversion rate;

3. successfully implements the business goals of web operators.

to achieve the above three points, you need to carry out the following aspects of website construction:

1, website usability construction.

Refers to the site according to the user behavior characteristics of

website usability construction, to optimize the user experience design as the center of various elements on the website, users in the station to obtain information more convenient and fast, so as to enhance the customer conversion rate target.

2, improve website traffic.

as a professional andrology hospital, how to protect customer privacy is worth thinking about. Because of the privacy of customers, the network will provide us with a convenient and efficient platform. Well, how do you get a lot of valuable traffic from the web site through search engines? We mainly implement it through two points:

, a, search engine optimization,

in the program development process, we optimized the entire station program. So as to improve the search engine’s friendly grasp of the site.

, B, Baidu search, promotion,

for popular keywords, we use Baidu to promote the way to enhance customer access.

3, website maintenance and update.

website maintenance and update is refers to the enterprise web site, often need to update news and product information, only to keep the site updated frequently, the vitality of the major search engines at regular intervals to statistics on the collected website, who frequently accessed, update times many websites will improve the ranking position in the the new statistics.

two, web site viewer analysis,

in your site will be released before, or before your website design, who is like you might want to target visitors, you have to let them know that information, and how you express these information. Then treat yourself as a ">"

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