The 7 secret recipe opens websites and improves speed

          many of my friends have to do with the virtual host, the web page file stored in the virtual space, but the content of a page, website open speed is very slow, if you encounter this kind of situation, and seek a better space, rather than by optimizing the web page code to achieve satisfactory speed. The author summed up some practical ways to create a home page. The following ways can greatly speed up your web pages.

one, remember to help page weight loss

we actually browse the web page to download the contents of the virtual host to the local hard disk, and then use the browser to explain the view. The speed of downloading web pages takes up a great deal of speed, so the smaller the space the page itself is, the faster the browsing speed will be. This requires doing "they follow all the simple principle, such as: do not use too much Flash animation, pictures and other resources. Clean and concise pages give people a clear sense of what they think.

two, if necessary, use the static HTML page

as much as possibleAs everyone knows, PHP, ASP

, JSP program to achieve a dynamic and interactive web information, run up is very convenient, because their data interaction is good, it is very convenient to access and change the contents of the database, the website "moving", such as forums, message boards etc.. However, such programs must first be processed by the server, generated HTML pages, and then sent to the client to browse, which will have to spend a certain amount of server resources. If you use this program too much on a virtual host, the page display speed will be slow, so it’s not necessary. Try using the static HTML page as much as possible.

a Table

this is a web design problem, many webmaster in order to pursue the unity of the whole page aligned, the content of the page into a Table (form), and then by the TD cell to divide each block layout, the website display speed is absolutely slow. Because Table has to wait until all of its contents have been loaded, and if certain content is not accessible, the entire page will be delayed. The right thing to do is to divide the content into several Table with the same pattern, not all of them into a Table.

four changes access to files such as ASP, ASPX, and PHP to.Js reference


in ASP, ASPX, PHP and other programming should pay attention to, if you’re in a static HTML page embedded in the dynamic data, the dynamic data is provided by ASP, PHP and other procedures, will use the following statement, reference: so, each time a person visit your website, the server must execute and >

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