Ma Huateng entrepreneurship is pulled 30 thousand users had disguised as a girl chatting



today, University of Hong Kong held to innovation as the theme of "dreamer" (dream catchers) forum, invited Ma Huateng as keynote speakers, and the famous media people Zhang Lifen talk about thousands of people in the hall. In the face of teachers and students, few public speaking Ma Huateng share entrepreneurial experience, answer questions about Internet censorship, product competition. The scene laughter applause, the piece looks like a pony flying brother eloquence is also out of practice.

: Girls chatting about entrepreneurship had disguised as

"I can’t do a good job at a small company. My job is an engineer. (laughter) because I technology is relatively strong, can not come to work for my boss, as engineers."

later came back to really develop the system, find the old club Rui Xun,, then do 30 thousand users, so go to school one by one pull users. To 30 thousand people may be two years later, the company died, and hit in the hand. At that time we were thinking of selling, selling and developing. He went to the online promotion, the user finally came up, most people did not start chatting, I will chat with you, (laughter and applause) sometimes change a picture, posing as a girl, were very lively. Community."

why do WeChat talk about WeChat and operators: the relationship between fish and water

3 years ago, the Internet in the above PC, which is completely reversed for the past three years, the mobile Internet is the real internet…… There are domestic companies in the process of transformation of the mobile Internet can not keep up, quickly left behind. Even as strong as Facebook, the stock fell to 70 billion, because it is worried that it has a problem to the mobile terminal. Until this year Facebook rapid attention mobile terminal, including the whats app under the original capital acquisition, not neglect, not a point, otherwise it is a crowning calamity."

"do WeChat, because we see a little different. We were very nervous, (Tencent) there are three teams at the same time doing, are called WeChat, who won on the who. Finally, Guangzhou e-mail team to win the team, the team is very disappointed in Chengdu, a month difference."

the first time WeChat launched, the operator is very nervous, no one text messages, phone calls are less. I want to limit you, there are a lot of countries around the world will be a lot of restrictions to you. In fact, this is a trend which cannot be halted, I always tell them that you can rest assured that you will definitely benefit, your voice service has declined, but your flow up, how will suffer growth? It’s hard to say, until last year, growth faster than voice data, now assured, my relationship with fish and water."

talk drops, fast dispute: the highest day loss of 40 million

"We support drops, Alibaba"

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