Chinese entrepreneurs how to prevent the cottage

this may not be a problem, but it’s enough to be a potential bomb.


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as an entrepreneur, you may be accustomed to common but not fast breaking type of war, had to "used" flattering. Wait a minute, "bring in" and "fast iterative" at the same time, are you worried, their products may violate the rights of others, or lack of innovation consciousness to protect their own


what we want to discuss this time is how to deal with intellectual property issues, especially the "copyright" and "patent"".

: the case is copyright infringement, into the "Venice"

statement: sea word founder Fan Jianmiao

I found

in the United States Shuoboliandu when students of the dictionary is very strong demand, in 2003, the founder of the online dictionary "". Because want to do about the brand promotion in Chinese, chose Baidu and two portal to cooperation, we provide content licensing and platform support, help to build a portal "dictionary" channel, to help us get the "sea" brand play out.


contract is very clear: it is not allowed to change any entry, and all adjustments are subject to our approval. Later, the cooperation of a portal out of the question: the requirements of the contract should also expose the word sea brand, and put the sea word website links, they take advantage of us do not pay attention to the link removed. We found that in the past, the other said that the technical staff do not understand, put it up immediately, a few days to see and No. Then the other complaints, said product manager think our brand is not harmonious with Logo interface, user comments, suggestions for the black text, we didn’t think there was agreed later changed to grey, when third years are not even grey.

2010 I decided to terminate the cooperation. Arguably, the contents of our channel should be off the shelf, but they have left half changed in order to continue to use, at the same time everywhere to buy those many years do not update the old dictionary content, finally give users the feeling of "network", lists several dictionaries, allowing users to pick their own use. In addition, a portal for us to respect, has been hanging sea word, but also to us. But I do not intend to be authorized as a warning for the future.

I was indignant, find a lawyer friend, asked whether to resort to the law. But this thing needs to have seized evidence, two of the server, and the other on the later thesaurus changed, but changed to the extent how deep, there is no standard to assess and limit. So complex, how can only give up?.

a few months ago and the company with the sea the content of the word, I could not come to the court, but not yet closed. It is an online word back startups, the sea cipoetry wholly intact grasp over, just catch is that we just apply over the copyright 2010 Edition >

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