feel sad the way Taobao guest

The so-called

Great oaks from little acorns grow., to a solid foundation will be reliable. To know when the first is Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan, spent $200 to buy a software, that is a day to earn 50, was still very tempted. It is really a day to earn 50 yuan, but if you want to get the money, we must pull off the assembly line. That is, let others also spend 200 oceans to give you now. Later found fooled, just contact Wangzhuan me, where know how to pull off the assembly line? So it is also the site of lost faith.

because I am a computer technician, I will buy some computer newspapers to see. There is a title of the day attracted me, thousand secrets on the internet. Later the look, that is by Taobao customers monthly income of over 10000, that time should be about 10 years, then called Ali mother alliance. I began to find some ways on the network, which has a Sina blog promotion, we say that Taobao customer link was blocked by sina. I look for other methods, and later positioned on the site. So he embarked on the road to learn to do station, see a lot of tutorials, CSS, HTML, what PHP, ASP and so on a series of tutorials, finally found the head, because a little bit too hard. So only know the approximate method. And I don’t have the time to learn. I found that I should find a training to try. Participated in a number of training on the network, and then do not nominate here, when it was just a single page of the wave, and then began to update the original article with the original. Hair every day outside the chain. At this time, almost all the newcomers will encounter the problem, that is, the chain can not find the address. This is a little want to give up. Later also made a number of stations, some were black out. My heart is a sad ah.

in April last year, after I quit my job, I didn’t look for a job, and I wanted to create my own world. I thought I knew everything, and later found out that I was wrong. Until the beginning of this year, I was able to adjust their mentality, although this person’s income is still small, but I believe that my income will be higher and higher.

let me make a summary of it, but also hope that some novice friends do not repeat my question.

first: do not put too much emphasis on the construction of the site, in fact, there are a lot of free procedures can be used, such as WordPress, dedecms, etc.. Templates will not be less. But to build a website that is the most basic must be oh. I believe that as long as you have hands and feet will not be difficult to fall.

second: not instant success, don’t think about every day to find some violence, not what unearned. Even if you find violence project, your comprehensive ability is very poor, very poor execution, you can do it? So? Or get to do things,

third: execution is essential. What is executive power? Executive power is not how much you do a day, not how fast you do

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