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today to see the "farmer Li Wei blog posting money way is very important, he analyzed the Google AdSense, Ali Mama, and several other profitable blog station Changfeng way, because I mentioned in this article, so I made a message on his there, did not think they would write such a long message, so come to rearrange your blog, published some more specific view

!The first

statistics gain about 2007, Google AdSense has now over $100 in revenue, Changfeng station as of today’s income is 186.25 yuan, Ali mother advertising and recommended income is roughly more than and 400, of which 220 is recommended to get the benefits of cheating! In addition through the topic of the article writing network Bora income 205 yuan. The year 2007 should be realized through the site an unexpected

grand slam!

the 2007 Grand Slam, a lot of the most hard work from my own blog, of course, for the Google AdSense revenue, which the largest contribution to the whole of the garbage or several temporary station.

2007 is a good time to catch up, now 2008, the way to make money has become more and more narrow!

said Google AdSense, the adjustment of his is gradually unfolded, stopped the recommendation of Picasa, reduce the recommended income Firefox, advertising content is cancelled the hyperlink advertising content descriptive area, thereby reducing the probability of advertising is late; also, advertising expense settlement is always a Google AdSense many hearts of everyone, every advertisement price is not one, and will be pointed out that many invalid clicks, and the invalid clicks, really belongs to the invalid Google AdSense internal staff understand the specific operation after Google AdSense; and vigorously promote the localization of advertising, the high priced ads appear in more and more difficult Chinese blog website, so now my Google AdSense account the daily income of about $1 from the line down to about 10 cents That is a shame, but helpless sigh "difficult to do business, the money is not easy"


Ali mother from the beginning of September last year is in the booming, the biggest financial support from Alibaba is the various departments of the group, but a long time with their own resources to gather popularity is clearly not the best operation scheme, no one will long to do this kind of risk investment. When the mother of the main force of the big seller gradually withdraw from the stage, Ali mother will lose his past style. Since the beginning of December last year, a lot of websites, including the high traffic sites are not so stable pre advertising position was acquired, instead of free advertising position although many webmaster Kuangxiang grow with each passing day, the price of their advertising, "