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Hengpi: perseverance to perform

first beginning to write a pair of antithetical couplet, to show that I is a sink and higher understanding and team emotion. I first talk about some experience in the higher bar, I was in 2007 of that time, contact Wangzhuan, all Wangzhuan SP project, Google ads emerge in an endless stream, and record in the E era, Mason, training, hundred regiments one emerging, eyes are spent, easily earn hundreds. Even thousands, I get the new heart itch, constantly think ah, really fake ah, so good earn? I had a month’s wages only more than 1 thousand ah, that almost two days of insomnia, waking up at midnight is also considering this issue.

finally no temptation, in a Wangzhuan project, did not even consider the time, my brain was thinking about making money. The results in the know, pay 190 yuan to a level two is the domain name of the site, know Wangzhuan know, two level domain name application advertising alliance is not through, is also difficult to do is to promote traffic, can also earn some money, the problem is you what promotion ah, use website? Almost nothing, so, in fact, not what kind of pyramid with two so give up halfway. Later learned about the SP project, see the introduction I was discouraged, do traffic method is no more than two words to seduce, to tell the truth, this may stretch a lot of people’s pockets, but I was not under the hand, he is a man, if you encounter such a thing, although not many cheated money, but it does. Then contact a lot of Wangzhuan, found almost no serious do Wangzhuan project, basically is a model of your website, then teach you do flow, do flow method is a word, cheat. The use of QQ space, beautiful pictures, false information to defraud flow, this is the so-called skills, then contact the s.s.c, needless to say, how the so-called skills ah, is nothing more than a do their members, for the agency fee. These once in the eyes of some people the profiteering industry, now basically unknown to the public, only those who really do advertising alliance webmaster struggling.

do Wangzhuan is this right, there is no other way but lie. In real life, people is illegal, not to jail, but in this virtual world, some people Wangzhuan, can say nothing, just cheat you to did not discuss. I think of the childhood love of martial arts novels, feeling like Wangzhuan industry arena almost everywhere, sinister, evil power, a martial art has been raging like a storm, all-powerful eventually disappeared. So I lose heart for a long time, basically no longer visit Wangzhuan forum, see those who make hundreds of thousands of words is not cold. There is no real Wangzhuan Wangzhuan ah, is this world? Since then, completely lost hope "