Zhang Yiming headlines today code ndoorsman business had 4 failed

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after losing fifth venture he made headlines today". People rely on editing the news, he let the code recommended news.

as a programmer, Zhang Yiming and a bunch of code farmers for today’s headlines, wrote thousands of lines of code; as CEO, he invented a set of engineers logic company operating rules.

today’s headlines intelligence level can only play 30 points

employees have a consensus on what Zhang Yiming: not a hobby of code agricultural Indoorsman".

Zhang Yiming listened very grievance: I have hobbies, my hobby is to get information!

Zhang Yiming, who claims to be a "patient with severe information acquisition", reads twenty or thirty newspapers a week in the junior high school, in the case of a junior high school student named

. From the local newspaper to the "people’s Daily", with the word as long as he does not let go, even the newspaper will be carefully read. No matter how busy now, his daily amount of reading 10 words.

2012, Zhang Yiming graduated eighth years before, had 4 re start: from the development of OA system failed to goodbye Cool News and then close the rice has abandoned the 99 real estate network"…… This year, he decided to come back.

, I found that the development of the Internet today, people get information is still backward in the eyes of Zhang Yiming, although there is a huge amount of information on the Internet, but it is difficult to find the information they want.

so, "code rural" origin Zhang Yiming led more than a dozen engineers, consuming more than three months, developed the initial version of today’s headlines — as long as the user is bound social accounts, today’s headlines began analyzing the user’s social data, find the user’s interest in, and then recommend the user may be interested in information.

others rely on editors to select the news, we recommend news by the algorithm." This is no small series of clients, 2 years from the user into a 140 million of the month, up to 45 million active users.

but in Zhang Yiming view, today’s headlines intelligence level can only play 30 points. In order to improve the recommendation algorithm, Zhang Yiming recently interviewed dozens of programmers every week to find outstanding talent.

"program ape" logical thinking

Zhang Yiming such people, the industry called the program ape". In fact, the program ape is the programmer’s joke: they have a human appearance, but strange behavior; willing to communicate with the computer, but not good communication. However, they just ape that human ancestors, understand the needs of the human heart, and then the code to make life more humane.

June, today’s headlines melt into $100 million. However, Zhang Yiming still retains its original habits, work standard or T-shirt and sneakers, only when attending public events, will dress up.

based on the program ape logic, Zhang Yiming also set a lot of wonderful rules.

for example

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