How do the master level around Amoy master

Taobao Taobao is to help customers inside the seller to promote the sale of goods, get a certain commission, known as Taobao off, it can be said that the promotion of personnel. Taobao customers to make money is mainly rely on the promotion of commodity sales commission, because Taobao’s commission is relatively high, more and more owners have joined the line, but the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

I also have

contact guest time of half an year, has been relying on the network marketing technology with SEO as the main means to promote Taobao customers, but under the terrible competition, I think that the new owners want to rely on SEO to do the guest, it is very difficult for a higher contact! Time, although he did not do a very strong level, but still have a lot of side has a monthly income of over a million in addition to a guest expert, admiration for them, I often ask them for advice, hope I can come back from the ‘senior’ there Amoy little gold, after all is the master master, master the trick so far is the peace of ordinary people, the share of network marketing methods around master:

they are through the establishment of QQ group, through the establishment of specialized products QQ group, such as weight loss group method to do marketing, remember a classic marketing saying: the highest level of marketing is to forget marketing!

yes, the core of marketing is the most important: human nature, so when you forget the sales, when you do not sell the psychological, you put the interests of the other party in the first place, you will naturally clinch a deal!

to do slimming products, for example: they are not everywhere and then the QQ group Montreal advertising, just like that in the manufacture of junk, they are the first and one or two very directional QQ group, and mixed in with the target consumer groups, with a group of fat girls together, in their own circle is a little ‘Reds’, a lot of friends and fans, which they often out of doors, "channeling often to the various occasions.".

because they can become so small "Reds’, that is because they often with a group of friends or chat chat messages, into the target group of the life, so as to establish the great trust of


sales of the first step is to establish a sense of trust, the premise of the transaction is trust, trust is the premise of a friend.

for potential customers to choose, they have done a very precise positioning, through QQ chat space and they will target groups carefully to gender, age, constellation, like · · · · then, in their own home page has a called "the road to successful weight loss process." "my weight loss difficult this article classification, the article, happy and unhappy mood mixed, Taobao pictures and guest advertising links mixed, I found that in doing so they are very real very successful through the comments below.

how we extend the idea, think about the fact that in addition to weight loss drugs on Taobao, there are a lot of a wide range of products waiting Amoy

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