Hu Junfeng The Legendary Swordsman

Recently, many foreign online games manufacturers have to get into the mainland market, they invariably The Legendary Swordsman as the domestic network game powerhouse, is currently the strongest competitors. Reporters on the network of online games and The Legendary Swordsman something The Legendary Swordsman interviewed " " CEO Hu Junfeng.

"The Legendary Swordsman", pioneer of online game

"online game is definitely a big trend in the future, I estimated future 70%–80% computer games are conducted online. Online game is the best way to prevent piracy, huge commercial interests in the original game companies have been copied to erosion; but it also has a requirement, need to have the server support and network support, need for maintenance staff!"

"I think" The Legendary Swordsman "is not the best game, but we just opened the online game as a precedent, and some domestic companies, is only the first step in the long march to go, also in the last few years of work in slowly groping rules. And when these foreign companies come in, the competition will stimulate the market, will make the whole environment has become very good! So they come and we’re not afraid!"

"The Legendary Swordsman" virtual reality in society

does no one doubts the interactive copyright industry prospects, last year Microsoft technical director to China one of the main topic of the lecture is the interaction of copyright, important is who can really create their own profits in this big industry. Two years ago, Hu Junfeng chose the interactive copyright, and chose the game as a test product. So the "The Legendary Swordsman of the game in April 99 officially born. This game has condensed the about 1500000 registered users and more than 50 thousand paying members (starting in May 2000 launched a membership fee mechanism), currently registered users are still in daily registered 8000 people, about 500 people daily pay membership at the rate of steady growth. The stand-alone version of the game, its vitality for more than 2 months is very rare, like "The Legendary Swordsman of China" for nearly 2 years but also to maintain the stable development trend, and there have been any copyright.

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