Do Wangzhuan readme a senior high school student

I am a high life, this summer rose. Underachieving, a holiday on the Internet at home, always play games, then thinking about learning bad nor sloshing ah, want to do a website to play, you can also learn, 100 yuan to buy a corn, ASP space, now just over a month.

I just start to do is click, surfing Wangzhuan, a very poor advertising 1 cents, I was playing to do, but this can not go on well, it can make some money


then bought website, first made a QQ space resource, later saw a lot of station like this, so I want to change the station to do, I do not click Wangzhuan? The development of offline can make money ah.. A ~ do Wangzhuan portal, collected the best domestic Wangzhuan project, this is the second day after, for Baidu, the hope included ah ~ ~ popularity is very poor, not propaganda ~~

when do play it, I think so, I think the money is not so simple, a few years of experience.. The right to buy the site when the money to pay tuition.

while learning, while the site is very tired, go home to open the computer every day, see Adsense online article learning, I am just a novice, later want to learn network specialty… The site is a good student? Bad? Well is to learn network knowledge, but bad in the delay of learning ` quick examination, too horrible to look at… After the summer vacation, I can concentrate on my website…

my website is hope predecessors to give directions.. The students who add me QQ 724548137 talk about experience!

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