Teach you to use a blog to make Taobao guest month earned 1000 yuan

blog traffic to easily, the long tail is also relatively easy to get a good ranking. I have observed a lot of long tail keywords, Baidu ranked in front of Baidu know and stick it is a blog, especially Baidu space and NetEase blog has a good ranking. Taobao blog to do with everyone, but a lot of people after the blog was closed, lost confidence, here I combine their experience to talk about how clever use of Taobao blog to do.

first, to write a blog article, we must choose the key words, especially the title of the article, we must stand in the user’s point of view to the title. People usually buy a product in Baidu search "XXX?". The most typical example of "NOKIA 5230" this keyword, the daily search volume of up to more than 1 thousand, higher than many popular keywords. Let me give you a good blog recently found in this area to do a good job: http://s.hi.baidu.com/jianfei99.

second, to refine specific brand specific products. Do not move on to what kind of ranking ah, this kind of title at the beginning of the effect is very good, but now there are many people do not have any effect. Such as the recent hot Chinese materia medica. Blogging can be for a product of this brand, such as writing with Chinese Materia Medica XXX effect how, and posted the photos, I think it can move people to read the article.

third, the key link in the article. After the article is written in the key words in the text with your Taobao guest link. For example, you write an article about Chinese materia medica article, you can give the text of the "Chinese Materia Medica" all guest links with Taobao. A link can be a search result or a specific product. Here’s another example: http://s.hi.baidu.com/jianfei99/blog/item/c2e1c103a085a71a728b650b.html

fourth, with the big picture and form. Do not always put the original code of Taobao guest sent to the blog. You can go to the inside of the product to save the big picture, do the Taobao link on the line.

fifth, clever use blog group. NetEase blog move function is really good, as easy as blowing off dust will be able to replicate a blog. Even if one is sealed, there is another in.

every six, often updated, do the chain. These two points are SEO common sense, but also the most important SEO.

these are some of my personal experience, I hope a little help for the novice, can also add my QQ:155148407 exchange, master please smile. This article by the www.shoulian.info Adsense original, A5 first, reproduced please indicate, thank you.

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