Discussion on how to increase the income of Taobao guest owners

Taobao fire up, the corresponding Taobao guest will fire up. Many webmaster in spare no effort into work this way. The general model for profiteering products + single page +SEO, part of the webmaster did get great benefits, even a monthly income of more than million; but there are also some Adsense but empty pay effort, what benefits are not fishing. Why is there such a big gap, the difference in where? In fact, often some details on the results of this decision. Here, I would like to talk about the use of a single page to do Taobao guest, should pay attention to some matters.

a, product selection. Health care, breast enhancement, weight loss, beauty products, are generally happy to choose the types of products, because these products in order to have a good sales, the general set of relatively high commission. When the webmaster to search for high sales and high commission of the product, it will move, eager to choose the code to do promotion, waiting for the high commission income into the capsule. In fact, this is precisely a misunderstanding, tactical mistakes. Like a single page Taobao guest site, we must work on the choice of key words, do a good job in the optimization of the site to get a good ranking. In fact, the use of a single page Taobao customers are mostly SEO master, they can simply for their own website to get a good ranking, which is more important for them to choose keywords. And if the owners are like bees tied in a key word, then how to promote high fever products, will not get good results. So, as far as possible to avoid the hot words have been fired, because those veterans who have chosen a good thing, you can not join the obvious benefits of fishing. You can reach the corner, picking up some of the less popular, relative to those of popular keywords slightly colder words to do, will soon reduce the competitiveness in general, it is not only easy, but easier to upgrade some ranking.

two, template selection. Templates to be as innovative as possible, so unique. Stereotyped template, too easy to forget the existence of your website, repeated style, repeat the layout, repeated ideas, visitors can not see any color and bright. In addition, some webmaster, others drilling site, that is very beautiful, simply move rigidly, directly to their website to move, do not consider whether the site theme and style. Talk about the experience, Baidu does not like stereotyped templates, of course, you can not get a good ranking in Baidu. Therefore, in the choice of the template, it is recommended to choose HTML static single page, because the search engine is more friendly to it, the collection may be larger. In addition, in line with their own site on the basis of the theme, to maintain professionalism, but also the atmosphere, beautiful, so that not only can attract potential users, but also improve the conversion rate of products, to win a good ranking.

three, the chain construction. As a single page site, its structure is relatively simple, the weight is relatively low, there is no internal links, there is no diversion. That is how to get a good ranking? The key is whether the external link is strong. For example, with the help of a large web site, often go to the big web site

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